Unlock Financial Freedom with the Orange Pill: Gift Your Loved Ones Bitcoin!

• I gave my sister an unusual gift for her 18th birthday – The Orange Pill
• The Orange Pill is a process of introducing Bitcoin as an investment and form of financial freedom
• I wrote a letter to my sister explaining the benefits of owning Bitcoin

Gifting My Sister the “Orange Pill” on Her 18th Birthday

I wanted to give my sister something special for her 18th birthday, so I decided to orange pill her. To do this, I gave her a copy of “The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous and a hardware wallet. This was accompanied by a letter that outlined why I thought it was important for her to own Bitcoin.

Why Give My Sister the Orange Pill?

I believe that the best gift I can give my sister is the orange pill – setting her on the path towards financial freedom. In an economy where dishonest relationships have been normalized, she can be a sovereign woman with full control over her finances. Furthermore, since she is still in high school and doesn’t know what she wants to study in college, owning Bitcoin may provide some ideas and opportunities for her future career path.

Beginning the Process

Before beginning the journey towards understanding Bitcoin, we started with a quote from “The Bitcoin Standard” prologue:

“This book does not offer investment advice, but aims at helping elucidate the economic properties of the network and its operation, to provide readers an informed understanding of bitcoin before deciding whether they want to use it.”

We discussed this quote multiple times before moving onto further steps such as researching practical operational aspects of owning and storing bitcoins and looking into hacks, attacks, scams, etc., which could cost people their bitcoins if not taken seriously.

Final Thoughts

By gifting my sister with this knowledge about Bitcoin at such an early age she will have time to become familiar with it before making any decisions about investing in it. My main goal when giving this gift was for her to understand more about cryptocurrency so that she can make informed decisions about investing in it or using it as a form of financial freedom in years to come.


By giving my sister “the orange pill,” I hope that she will be able to appreciate how powerful cryptocurrencies are becoming and how they could potentially help shape our collective future. As someone who has been mining Bitcoins since 2021 myself, it was important for me to share these insights with someone close who might benefit from them!