Write Your Bitcoin Story: How to Create Your Proof-of-Work Resume

• Mickey Koss was not invited to write for Bitcoin Magazine, but he found their article submission link and they liked his idea.
• After receiving a scathing review from the editor, Mickey realized that it did not mean he had failed as an author.
• Despite his initial fear of promoting his own content, the Bitcoin community supported him and gave him the courage to keep going.

Finding My Voice in Bitcoin Writing

I am Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics. After four years in the infantry, I transitioned to the Finance Corps. One day while looking for a customer service email address, I stumbled upon Bitcoin Magazine’s article submission link and decided to try my luck by submitting an article idea. Much to my surprise, they liked it and I got hooked on writing! Although my second article submission was rejected with a scathing review from the editor, this feedback allowed me to adjust my strategy and change my frame of mind. Eventually, I wrote enough articles that I felt confident sharing them on social media — starting with LinkedIn — which opened up even more opportunities for me than before.

Realizing My Potential

The rejection of my second article didn’t mean that I was doomed as an author; instead, it served as a great learning point that helped me improve my skillset and grow as a writer. In fact, one of these rejected drafts eventually went live on Bitcoin Magazine! This experience taught me that if you never give up despite possible failure or criticism — like most things in life — you will find success eventually. Furthermore, this newfound passion has also led me to new relationships within the Bitcoin community who are incredibly supportive and helpful in every way imaginable: from giving feedback on drafts to offering advice when needed.

Overcoming Fear

At first though, I was afraid about what other people would think or how they would react once they found out about the articles I was writing for Bitcoin Magazine. But after getting over this initial fear with encouragement from friends and family along with support from members within the community itself — who were just as eager to learn about cryptocurrency as myself — I started to feel more confident promoting my own work online too!

Gaining Experience & Making Connections

But even then there were still new hurdles along the way; such as when one of my editors hired me behind-the-scenes for his fairly large YouTube channel related to cryptocurrencies! This opportunity allowed me gain more experience while also broadening both personal contacts and professional networks within the industry at large since then too. As such experiences have shown time again – whether it is through knowledge gained during research or relationships established through collaboration – investing your time into something like cryptocurrency can be very rewarding indeed!

The Plea To Everyone Out There Reading This

This plea is directed towards everyone reading this: don’t limit yourself because of your lack of experience or resources; take risks regardless of what others may say because you never know where it may lead you…like how it led me here writing an opinionated editorial for all you plebs out there!